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Sunday March 1, 2015

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Welcome to the first official post from my new blog, Midnight Missives! As the blog is in its infancy, so is my blog page. The lovely people at DREAMCO will be working with me to improve the set-up, composition, and appearance of the page as time goes by, so please consider me “Under Construction.” I do have a comment section at the bottom of the page, and as always, I’d love to hear your ideas and remarks. However, the most glaring oversight at the moment is my lack of a share button! We writers live by reviews and shares, so I’d be grateful to any of you who would copy and paste the URL of this blog page into Facebook or any of the social networking sites to share my content. Nothing like Stone Age blogging, right? lol

And yes, those of you who know me are rolling your eyes and remembering my protests of “I’m a writer, not a blogger! I’m too busy to blog!” As I sit here and eat crow, I’ll explain my change of heart and fill you in on what to expect from the blog—and why you should spend your valuable time listening to me blather on about everything imaginable.

But first, let me explain the title, Midnight Missives. As you’re probably aware, “missive” is just a snobby word for “message,” “memo,” “letter,”  or “note.” As I’m prone to word crushes, “missive” is my current heartthrob. And beyond the fact that Midnight Missives holds great alliterative value for a word nerd like me, much of my writing happens at night—often after midnight.

Now, why did I finally decide to write a blog? Mmmm … this crow isn’t bad, especially with picante sauce! Several reasons: 1. Common wisdom among the Grand Poobahs of the publishing world dictates that writers and authors need to write a blog to “get noticed” and to gather a following. Since I rarely follow common wisdom, that’s not a primary reason why I decided to blog—but it did influence my decision.2. Probably the biggest contributor to my decision to blog is that—having been through the process of writing, publishing, and marketing a book—I’ve gained lots of knowledge that I’d like to share with those of you on the same path, my tribe. Of course, I have much more to learn, but as I do, I will share it here in Midnight Missives. A blog is the perfect forum to communicate in depth with like-minded people, so I’ll be delighted to learn from you, the readers, as well. 3. Blogging stimulates the mind, flexes the writing muscle, and forces the writer to keep a schedule, even when promotion or research directs the writer’s attention elsewhere. 4. Blogging allows the writer to expound on a given topic, which is difficult to do in other forums on social media. 5. As a blogger, I get to share news about Beautiful Monsters and future books, upcoming events, and the minutia of my crazy, chaotic life. When you’re Queen of your blog, anything goes!

Now that you know why I’m diving into the blog pool, what do I offer you here at Midnight Missives? Well, I hope to offer you thought-provoking posts about various aspects of the literary world. I’ll also feature guest bloggers—writers, creatives, and industry professionals—with interesting lives or viewpoints. I’ll either interview them, or they will entertain you with an guest blog post. Some months, I’ll write book or film reviews, expound on grammar gremlins, or just blather about whatever obsesses me on a given day. And finally, I’ll host fun contests, give away signed copies of Beautiful Monsters and book swag, and keep you updated on any upcoming book signings or events. But mostly, I hope to pique your curiosity about the writing life … or just make you laugh.

So I hope you’ll stop by (around) the first of each month and join the conversation in the comments section. Also, please feel free to send me any questions or topics you’d like to see explored here. As always, I love hearing from you, tribe! And to prove it, I’ll send a signed copy of Beautiful Monsters to one (randomly chosen) person who comments below this post. See you in April! It’ll be worth stopping by just to see if I’ve come out of the Stone Age yet. lol


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