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September/October Blog: KyANA Book Signing

As some of you may have noticed, I’m running behind on my blog posts. With the move and unpacking, I’ve barely had time to breathe. I assure you the blog will be back in action soon. But it hasn’t been ALL work and no play!
I had a delightful time at the  KyANA (Kentucky Association of Nurse Anesthetists) Fall Meeting, held at the beautiful Griffin Gate Marriott Spa and Resort in Lexington, KY, the weekend of September 25-27. I’d like to thank KyANA board members Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists: Lara Barrow, CRNA and Donna Fiaschetti, CRNA , (picture below) for their warm welcome and support. Readers are simply the best people, aren’t they? I plied them with cookies, book chat, and jokes. And not only did I sign a lot of books, but I made some new friends. Check out these photos!❤️

[If you would like to learn more about Anesthesia and the tremendous care given by Nurse Anesthetists please check out the KyANA and the national organization the AANA (American Association of Nurse Anesthetists)]
Cyn Lara Donna at KYANA
Cyn at KYANA
KYANA Book Sign Ad 1
KYANA Book Sign Ad 2


JoinConversation Blog

Quickie Interview by Chevoque

Author Quickie with…Cynthia Ogren

October 13, 2015




These are the most random Qs I could find and come up with, but it is to show readers how authors are just like them or maybe so different that they are their own species.  I have several awesome authors already on board, but don’t let it scare you to take part though.  I’ll be sharing with you all; the answers to the set questions and introduce you to some awesome people, and later, all of this will be used in a statistical type blog.  Hopefully, we can keep this going for as long as possible and gain as many author’s inputs to make this thing grow.

But it doesn’t stop there:

~If you are an author who is interested in taking part in this silly game of mine; message, email or find me on a social network.

~If you are a reader and wanna take part; do the same and become part of the fun.  (It’ll be really cool to have your stats as well.)

~If you are none of the above…ag, shame.  Anyway, if you are an artist, a doctor, a barista or just randomly ended up here; bring it on and we can have a little fun when the stats have grown.

 Cynthia Ogren


Morning person or night owl?

Hoot hoot! I’m well acquainted with the wee hours of the morning.


Coffee, tea or neither?

I love both. I’m powered by caffeine and imagination.


EBooks or printed books?

I’m partial to print books, but I’m also aware that Ebooks are the way of the future. I read both, but if I really LOVE a book in E-format, then I have to buy it in print.


Bookmark or dog-ear pages?

I do both, although I hate to mar the pages of a book.


Extrovert or Introvert?

I’m more an introvert than an extrovert. Writers are by nature introverted, usually, and we have to spend long hours alone at the computer. But I also like to interact and have fun with friends, readers, and people I meet in daily life. I guess that makes me an ambivert.


Secret talents?  If so, what are they?

Well, this is pretty boring, but I’m inordinately organized. I’m a big-picture person, which helps me coordinate scenes for my manuscript or manage the details of a large cocktail party. I also predict future trends in fashion or culture with alarming accuracy and have a good sense of artistic design.


If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Well, if I could choose a superpower, I would either like to be invisible or to be able to walk into a setting and make people instantly happy.


What is your biggest fear?

I’ve always been a Type A personality, trying desperately to be a Type B. I’ve made great strides to relax, but I’m prone to performance anxiety. I suppose my biggest fear would be that I couldn’t complete some important task on time. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? lol


You have three wishes, what are they?

  1. I’d like to be a successful enough writer that I could hire people to do all the PR and tedious tasks associated with writing.
  2. I’d love to leisurely travel the world. Bliss!
  3. I’d like to start small libraries or book huts around the world so ALL people would have access to books.


If you could forever break one habit, what would it be?

Diet Pepsis!!!


Your favorite:


Colour – Black

Animal – Dog

Mythical Creature – Dragon

Author – Oooh, hard one! Probably, Barbara Kingsolver.

Book – Little Altars Everywhere

Movie – Out of Africa

Music Genre – Everything! But I love Hip Hop.

TV Show – Downton Abbey or Sherlock

Place to Read – My big black leather rocking chair

Food – Great New York style pizza!

Beverage (Alcoholic and/or Non-Alcoholic) – Diet Pepsi or dirty martinis

Dessert – Chocolate cake with white buttercream icing

Word – “Coterie”

Season – Autumn

Procrastination method – Facebook, of course!


Turn on or turn off


Accents – Turn on!

Surprises – Turn on

Shyness – Turn off

Quiet Places – Turn on

Loud Places – Turn off

Dimples – Turn on

Glasses – Turn on

Scars – Turn on

Games – Turn on

Comic Books – Meh!


What is your motto?

If I had to choose one motto, it would be “Live your ART!”

Interview by Marina Julia Neary

I was recently interviewed by the delightful author Marina Julia Neary for her Blog. Intelligent and humorous, Marina provided unique and provocative questions that piqued my interest and kept me on my toes. I’d like to thank Marina for the opportunity to appear on her blog. It was a lot of fun!

For an always interesting read, follow Marina’s Blog and check out her book Saved by the Bang: A Nuclear Comedy. Please see my interview below:

Monday, September 28, 2015

Beautiful Monsters – Cynthia Ogren’s Hollywood-themed romance

Greetings, commies!

Say hello to the glamorous and witty CynthiaOgren, a pop culture devotee and author of an introspective and richly developed novel Beautiful Monsters set in Hollywood filled with all the drama you’d expect from a glamorous romance – with a few unexpected twists.


MJN: When people talk/write about Hollywood, it’s usually with a mixture of feelings that seem to contradict each other: admiration, envy, judgment and ridicule. In real life, the grotesque and the sublime goes hand in hand. In Hollywood, these elements are taken to a whole new level. As an author, you have to know enough about the industry to make your narration authentic. At the same time, your proverbial “beef” with the industry can’t be too raw. If you have too many horror stories that you’ve experienced first-hand as an actor or director, you will be too emotional to tie those stories into a coherent plot. So what is your personal experience with Hollywood – if any – and which one of the above-mentioned emotions is prevalent?


CO: First of all, thanks for inviting me to your blog interview, Marina. I’m delighted to be here, and I’m further delighted to reply to your interesting, well-conceived questions.


Hollywood: the land of contradictions! It’s the perfect setting for Beautiful Monsters because, just as it’s a brittle glass stage for actors, it’s also the perfect testing ground for my characters. I haven’t spent too much time in Hollywood or LA, but as an avid pop culture devotee, I’ve watched and read about it for years—everything from tabloid newspapers to reality television to biographies. Also, my sister was a working actress on stage, television, and film for many years. While she never became famous, she worked with many big-name stars, and she dished to me regularly about the gossip, the craft of acting, and the accompanying lifestyle.


You might be surprised to hear that I have no beef whatsoever with Hollywood. Hollywood is just a spotlighted microcosm of the same lifestyle that most of us share on a more mundane scale. Essentially, we all are beautiful monsters to some extent. While many people think that being a celebrity would vastly improve their lives, I wanted to show that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. There’s enormous pressure accompanying great beauty, riches, and fame—and numerous complications. And it’s extremely difficult to live a sane life under that constant microscope. Some manage it, others don’t.


MJN: We hear so many stories about Hollywood stars destroying their lives behind the scenes because they feel “ugly” and “empty” and “unloved” even though on the surface it seems like they have all the bragging rights in the world. There is a school of thought out there, perpetuated by authors like Victor Hugo and Charles Dickens who glorified the “little people” of the world, that true love is only accessible to those who are totally stripped of all material and social benefits. Only outcasts, the deformed and the destitute, can find true love and friendship that’s not tainted by vainglory. I don’t know if I personally buy into that theory. I think writers invent those theories to make the down-and-out people feel a little better and give them some hope. What do you think?


CO: Well, I’m not so quick to paint the common folk as white and the rich as black—or vice versa. In fact, I feel we all should be painted in gray tones. I do think it’s a wonderful to give hope and insight to the great masses of common folk, but in Beautiful Monsters, I try to break that stereotype. Most actors are not so full of bravado as they portray on camera or at award shows. In fact, actors are some of the most insecure people on the planet. They are at the mercy of gossip, age, studio whims, and the good will of their fans. It’s a bit of a cutthroat business, and there are always prettier, younger actors right behind them who would sell their souls for a chance for a role—any role. I do, however, agree with Hugo and Dickens that wealth, fame, and beauty do not make us happy. A wealthy aristocrat—or a film star— does not automatically draw the happy card. Rather, it’s the love of family, wonderful friendships, and our interests that make life fulfilling. And those are available to people across the socioeconomic spectrum.


MJN: I see you have a dual major in English and Psychology. I often see those career paths matched up. Was there any specific branch of psychology that you studied in depth that gives you a more three-dimensional perspective when you create your characters? Your book was described as having emotional depth and meaning, so I was wondering your interest in psychology had something to do with that.


CO: Yes, psychologists and writers have much in common. They both study people, so it’s a perfect marriage. I’ve always been a people watcher who is interested in the human psyche. I particularly find abnormal psychology interesting. People (and characters) are not one-dimensional prototypes. They all have a place on the abnormal behavior scale— with neuroses, quirks, and abnormalities. That’s what makes the world diverse and interesting. All my characters have distinct personalities with inherent quirks and flaws. I LOVE flawed characters, so Riley and Keller are imbued with all manner of idiosyncrasies. When I take these two damaged characters and put them on the glass stage of Hollywood AND throw obsessive love into the mix, we’re in for a wild ride! I’m very interested in the topic of love because it makes no practical sense. People do outrageous things in the throes of love. It’s said that the legal plea “not guilty by reason of temporary insanity” was developed because of this phenomenon.


MJN: Let’s talk about the structure of your novel. One of my favorite plot tools is having a movie within a movie, or a book within a book. In Beautiful Monsters, you have a production-within-a-novel structure. How does the storyline on screen complement the turbulent love story between Riley and Keller?


CO: I’m all about subtext. Readers are smart, and they are readily able to grasp the subtleties of a well-layered plot. Beautiful Monsters is three levels deep. It’s the title of the book, of course; it’s the title of the vampire film that’s the setting of the book (more subtext and analogy there); and it’s the theme of the book. The vampiric element of the story lends itself to the predatory nature of some of Riley and Keller’s friends and co-workers. And Riley and Keller have both monstrous and redeeming characteristics, which makes them beautiful monsters—just as we all are. The element of obsessive love with Hollywood as a setting allowed me to cut the dynamic open and explore it thoroughly. In fact, I’ll be examining it more in the sequel, which I’ve started. I’ve been humbled and delighted to have readers search me out and rave about the book, demanding a sequel. I think they relate to what Riley and Keller endure to be together.


MJN: Let’s talk about your female protagonist Riley Rinaldi and the role that makeup artists play. My birth father is a former opera singer. He says that getting into character and putting on a mask really messes you up. Sometimes you lose that fine line between the character and the performer. Sometimes the masks sticks to the face too tight and you cannot rip it off without taking some of the skin off with it. Makeup artists are the often unsung and neglected heroes who help create those characters. In a sense, they play that Frankenstein role of literally “creating a monster”. Do you believe there is a symbiotic bond between the makeup artist and the actor?


CO: Very interesting question! Yes, I do think there is a symbiotic relationship between the makeup artist and the actor. Just as an author gives birth to his books, the makeup artist must feel that same pride and concern for the characters he creates. And conversely, the actor is dependent upon the makeup artist to give him the “face” of the character he populates. On a side note, I had to chuckle when you mentioned method acting because it plays a vivid role in the sequel to Beautiful Monsters. The readers want more of Riley and Keller, so I’m going to dish it up in spades!

Beautiful Monsters Buzz

  “Cynthia Ogren has raised the bar with Beautiful Monsters! As both a best-selling author and a publisher, I have gone into many literary worlds, into the throngs of numerous genres and I can truly say that Beautiful Monsters is one of the best summer sizzlers around. Erotic Romance is delightfully twisted and turned in this sexily created novel. Beautiful Monsters is not like other novels of this genre that I have read. This novel has a beautifully crafted foundation of plot, scenery and characters that is so exquisite and so precise that the very definition of being a page turner wouldn’t do it justice. I would highly recommend Beautiful Monsters to all readers everywhere. I am truly looking forward to a sequel!” E.K.

  “First, thank you for giving me the absolute pleasure of reading this beautiful, heart-felt, give-take piece of beautiful literature. Your words, simply made me feel like I was in the rooms with them! I loved it. Love, lust, complicated lives, and yes, I believe in love at first sight, and well worth the fight! I didn’t want it to end!” S.M.

  “I love this book so far…and that’s only the first chapter…really funny. Riley…lol…and that tongue thing…very cute….Where do I write a review?” R.W.

  “Absolute page turner, of Love, Lust, & Imagination. So well written, I couldn’t put it down! Loved It!!! Way to Go Cynthia!!!” S.M.

  “The characters in this book were so flawed but yet so likable. Cynthia did a wonderful job of drawing you into the lives of each character. Riley and Keller are the main characters in this book. They must each face their own demons and past while trying to pave a path for a future. I look forward to more from Cynthia in the future.” A.B.

  “Simply amazing book! I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I don’t normally read romance books, but this one is by far one of the best I’ve ever read. I would compare it to 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel.” T.C.

  “Look out Hollywood! Your ears must be burning!!”

  “This novel from Cynthia Ogren is absolutely amazing. It really gives you the sense of being the paparazzi as you read page by page, looking into these brilliantly crafted characters’ lives from the outside.”   G.T.

  “Quick, get the top Hollywood movie producers in a room and let’s see them fight over this script!” J. S.

  “I am an avid reader who enjoys a bit of scandal in the things that I read. Beautiful Monsters hooked me up to a transformer, slammed down the switch and poured on the juice! This work energized me and threw me into a world I never realized could be so intense.” S. T.

  “I have been an author for twenty plus years and all I can say about Beautiful Monsters is wow! Why couldn’t I have written this one? Guaranteed to be a best seller!!”

  “A headlong plunge into a dark and sensual universe…” T.H.

  “Beautiful people, Hollywood, romantic, sexy…I loved it!” J.W.

  “Spicy good time! Sexy summer read!” H.O.

  “Great story! Easy to read. Fantastic sentence structure! Paced well. A good mix of characters! Great job of keeping the characters real and easy to empathize with and love from the get-go. Well done!…Pivotal scenes are clear and well executed. I loved the humor, and the placement of it. It’s perfect, and never inappropriate.…The development of the relationship, and pacing of it, are great. Excellent conflict, and the conflict resolution is timed very well.” Z.B.

  “I enjoyed the book very much. I literally couldn’t stop reading it until it was finished.” M.P.


Contest … Beautiful Monsters Holiday Bonanza!

Santa Riley Ad

Santa Cyn and Elf Jaimie hosted a fabulous contest on my Facebook Author’s Page (Cynthia Ogren Books) to thank all my friends and readers for their support. The contest started Friday, November 28th (Black Friday) and ended Sunday, December 6th. The winners were drawn by Elf Jaimie on Monday, December 7th. And yes, I said “winners”! There were ten lucky winners and ten fabulous prizes.  It was open to U.S. AND international participants. Thank you to all who participated in this contest, and congratulations to the winners! Go to Cynthia Ogren Books on Facebook and please give me a “Like”!


BlogTalkRadio Interview November 10th… You can listen to the whole interview any time!



On Monday, November 10th I chatted with Jaimie Hope, host of Everyone Has a Story on BlogTalkRadio. We discussed my recent release, Beautiful Monsters, as well as a whole host of bookish things. I gave away a great gift package that included the following: $25.00 Amazon gift card, a signed copy of Beautiful Monsters, and a matching bookmark and magnet. Congratulations to the winner… Pamela J. Stuard of Toledo, Ohio. It was a fun, interesting show, and we had a great time! Check it out here: BlogTalkRadio.

Beautiful Monsters Debut—August 5th!

Beautiful Monsters hits the market on August 5th! I’m thrilled and humbled by the responses I’ve received from people who’ve already read the book—and by the number of people anxiously awaiting the release date. I hope you enjoy Beautiful Monsters as much as I loved writing it. It’s been a true labor of love for me. If you purchase a copy and would like a signed book plate (for the inside cover) and a Beautiful Monsters bookmark, please send me an email with your name and address, and I’ll send them right out. Also, if you take a picture of yourself holding a copy of Beautiful Monsters and email it to me, I’ll put you in my Gallery of Beautiful Monsters. Thank you and happy reading, fellow bookies!