Beautiful Monsters now available on Walmart Kobo

Walmart launched its eBook sales platform on August 22 in partnership with Kobo (more properly known as Rakuten Kobo), going head-to-head with Amazon’s Kindle. While Walmart has sold the Kobo eReader for years, it is now making available Kobo’s library of eBooks for individual sale, along with an option to subscribe to audiobooks. Books purchased […]


5-Star Review by Shaun R>Muncy on (April  2018) FIVE STARS “I tend to be a reader of self-help books or dental journals. Beautiful Monsters was a great vacation!!! Easily became immersed into the lives of Keller and Riley!!! Can’t wait for the sequel!” Shaun R>Muncy 5-Star Review by Angela Shearer, Author (March  2018) FIVE […]

January 2018: The Winter Writer

I sit at my desk in the waning hours of this cold morning, watching snowflakes dance lazily on a fragile shaft of light. The silence hugs me like an old friend as I relish a cup of hot coffee and absorb the day. A brumous sky promises more snow, but that doesn’t bother me. It’s […]

December/January Blog: Resolutions

  As the days of December wane, an eager new year waits to embrace us. Have you made resolutions for 2016 yet? To be perfectly honest with you, 2015 was a bust for me. The two main entries on my list of resolutions for the year were the only things I didn’t do: finish my […]

November Blog: The Audacity of Singular “They”

         I’m surprised at the number of people—and writers—who are unaware of singular “they.” I’m equally surprised at the number of copy editors who disparage as distastefully ungrammatical the use of singular “they” (and it’s related forms) as a singular pronoun—and want to blue pencil it out of existence. And I suspect […]

September/October Blog: KyANA Book Signing

As some of you may have noticed, I’m running behind on my blog posts. With the move and unpacking, I’ve barely had time to breathe. I assure you the blog will be back in action soon. But it hasn’t been ALL work and no play! I had a delightful time at the  KyANA (Kentucky Association […]

Quickie Interview by Chevoque

Last week, I asked to do an Author Quickie interview for South African author Chevoque’s Blog. What a fun exercise! Please check out my stint at the above link. Follow her blog and check out her books at Chevoque. Chevoque South African Author Author Quickie with…Cynthia Ogren October 13, 2015 by Chevoque NOTE: These are […]

Interview by Marina Julia Neary

I was recently interviewed by the delightful author Marina Julia Neary for her Blog. Intelligent and humorous, Marina provided unique and provocative questions that piqued my interest and kept me on my toes. I’d like to thank Marina for the opportunity to appear on her blog. It was a lot of fun! For an always interesting […]

August Blog: 6 Reasons NOT to Use a Pen Name!

   Do you know who these authors are: Douglas Spalding, Erika Leonard, Mary Westmacott, Robert Galbraith, Victoria Lucas? I’ll explain later in the article. It’s a brave new world in publishing. Just ask any author. The old paradigm has fallen, and more than ever, success in the field is up for grabs. But in order […]

July Blog: Interview of Author Chris Sheerin

              Welcome to the July issue of Midnight Missives! For Americans, July is a month of celebration: family gatherings, barbecues, vacations, fireworks, and the spectacle of our 4th of July. I can’t think of a better way for Midnight Missives to celebrate this Independence Day than to introduce you to Author Chris Sheerin, who has just released his […]