Beautiful Monsters Buzz

Wednesday April 1, 2015

  “Cynthia Ogren has raised the bar with Beautiful Monsters! As both a best-selling author and a publisher, I have gone into many literary worlds, into the throngs of numerous genres and I can truly say that Beautiful Monsters is one of the best summer sizzlers around. Erotic Romance is delightfully twisted and turned in this sexily created novel. Beautiful Monsters is not like other novels of this genre that I have read. This novel has a beautifully crafted foundation of plot, scenery and characters that is so exquisite and so precise that the very definition of being a page turner wouldn’t do it justice. I would highly recommend Beautiful Monsters to all readers everywhere. I am truly looking forward to a sequel!” E.K.

  “First, thank you for giving me the absolute pleasure of reading this beautiful, heart-felt, give-take piece of beautiful literature. Your words, simply made me feel like I was in the rooms with them! I loved it. Love, lust, complicated lives, and yes, I believe in love at first sight, and well worth the fight! I didn’t want it to end!” S.M.

  “I love this book so far…and that’s only the first chapter…really funny. Riley…lol…and that tongue thing…very cute….Where do I write a review?” R.W.

  “Absolute page turner, of Love, Lust, & Imagination. So well written, I couldn’t put it down! Loved It!!! Way to Go Cynthia!!!” S.M.

  “The characters in this book were so flawed but yet so likable. Cynthia did a wonderful job of drawing you into the lives of each character. Riley and Keller are the main characters in this book. They must each face their own demons and past while trying to pave a path for a future. I look forward to more from Cynthia in the future.” A.B.

  “Simply amazing book! I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I don’t normally read romance books, but this one is by far one of the best I’ve ever read. I would compare it to 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel.” T.C.

  “Look out Hollywood! Your ears must be burning!!”

  “This novel from Cynthia Ogren is absolutely amazing. It really gives you the sense of being the paparazzi as you read page by page, looking into these brilliantly crafted characters’ lives from the outside.”   G.T.

  “Quick, get the top Hollywood movie producers in a room and let’s see them fight over this script!” J. S.

  “I am an avid reader who enjoys a bit of scandal in the things that I read. Beautiful Monsters hooked me up to a transformer, slammed down the switch and poured on the juice! This work energized me and threw me into a world I never realized could be so intense.” S. T.

  “I have been an author for twenty plus years and all I can say about Beautiful Monsters is wow! Why couldn’t I have written this one? Guaranteed to be a best seller!!”

  “A headlong plunge into a dark and sensual universe…” T.H.

  “Beautiful people, Hollywood, romantic, sexy…I loved it!” J.W.

  “Spicy good time! Sexy summer read!” H.O.

  “Great story! Easy to read. Fantastic sentence structure! Paced well. A good mix of characters! Great job of keeping the characters real and easy to empathize with and love from the get-go. Well done!…Pivotal scenes are clear and well executed. I loved the humor, and the placement of it. It’s perfect, and never inappropriate.…The development of the relationship, and pacing of it, are great. Excellent conflict, and the conflict resolution is timed very well.” Z.B.

  “I enjoyed the book very much. I literally couldn’t stop reading it until it was finished.” M.P.